TAKE ACTION: We need to #BanGMOs!

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) need to be taken out of our food system. 

The current state of the American food system is rapidly degenerating. Small, family farmers are being pushed out in favor of large, environmentally-deteriorating factory farms and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Our food is becoming more processed, and less nutritious. 

All this is, in major part, thanks to the country’s use of GMOs. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell your members of Congress that we need to #BanGMOs!

Previous efforts to put labels on GMOs and GMO products have been stifled by major corporations and associations, while consumers have rallied for it. 

The result has given the American people half-measures which don’t say “GMO,” require a QR code scan, or are facing legal challenges.

This is hardly “clear labeling language,” and we shouldn’t stand for it.

GMOs are created by inserting a gene from one animal or plant into an unrelated animal or plant, or inserting the gene from a bacterium or virus into a plant or animal. This practice stems from, but isn’t equal to, the selective plant breeding that farmers have been doing for centuries. GMOs are products that could never exist in nature, and are exclusively created in a laboratory.

There have been no long-term human studies on the safety of GMOs; we are the experiment!

Studies have been conducted that link GMOs to leukemia, infertility, overall toxicity, and an increase in food allergies

And that’s just from physical proximity, and eating GMO plants. Now, sights have been set on creating GMO versions of farm animals, insects, and fish.

GMOs have a record of killing birds and pollinators, and poisoning towns. They do all this while also not living up to their supposed benefits; they actually decrease yields and are less nutritious!

Countries around the world are waking up to the problems with GMOs. In fact, 64 countries require labeling of GMOs, and there are 26 countries with an outright ban on them. There are even several counties in the U.S. that have passed bans on GMOs.

There’s no doubt: even with the so-called “labels” that appear on some packages, there are still GMOs hiding in our food.

We can’t let this happen, and we need to pressure Congress to put a complete ban on these dangerous human experiments!

TAKE ACTION: Tell your members of Congress that we need to #BanGMOs!

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