Stop the Pandemic Power Grab!

In the latest move towards global medical tyranny, on June 1, 2024, the World Health Assembly adopted amendments to the International Health Regulations that cement the World Health Organization's illegitimate power over pandemics, including vaccine passports.

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Even before the amendments, the International Health Regulations were a dystopian nightmare. Now they’re even worse.

Before the amendments, a “pandemic emergency” was a disease outbreak with “wide geographical spread,” “exceeding the capacity of health systems,” and “causing economic disruption.”

Now, just the “risk” of these problems can be treated as an “emergency”!

The amendments also made two additions to the list of health products needed for pandemic emergencies: 

  • “vector control products,” and
  • “cell- and gene-based therapies, and other health technologies”

“Vector control products” is the buzzword for pesticides and other means of controlling insects that are disease vectors, including releasing hundreds of millions of lab-engineered mosquitoes.

Bill Gates is a major funder of both the World Health Organization and genetically engineered mosquitoes, which are supposedly a form of “vector control,” but are actually causing a surge in diseases like dengue.

“Cell- and gene-based therapies” is what the mRNA “vaccines” are, but we should wonder what else the pharmaceutical companies might mean by this, given that they had no qualms about calling cell-hijacking, gene-editing jabs “vaccines.”

One idea that’s been floated recently in the midst of the bird flu (that the World Health Organization hasn’t yet declared a “pandemic emergency”) is to genetically engineer farm animals to be resistant to disease. Expect this to be a new money-making venture for pandemic “prevention” profiteers.

But, does it work? 

Not so well.

“Disease-resistant” chickens have proven to be ideal hosts in which the virus can evolve to replicate more efficiently in human cells. (A feature, not a bug?)

And, genetically engineering chickens for disease resistance damages them in other ways. The more “disease-resistant” the chickens are, the less likely they are to live. 

Jonathan Latham, executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project, who has a master’s degree in crop genetics and a Ph.D. in virology, told Children’s Health Defense that if they eliminated all three genes that make chickens susceptible to the bird flu, “the chicken would be dead.”

The International Health Regulations are more like a treaty than “regulations,” but President Joe Biden doesn’t think he has to submit them to the Senate for its constitutionally required two-thirds vote before ratification.

With or without the World Health Assembly giving the World Health Organization more power, the Biden Administration has plans, outlined in the U.S. Government Global Health Security Strategy 2024, to erode health sovereignty and strengthen the power of the pharmaceutical companies globally. What they really want is a permanent pandemic security state where people are constantly tested for a thousand diseases. Based on their test status—which would be digitized and required like identification—people could have their travel, work or education curtailed or be required to submit to quarantine, pharmaceuticals or vaccination.

This abrogation of national sovereignty is intended to create a permanent income stream for pandemic profiteers peddling testing, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, so you can be sure that your Congressional representatives are hearing from the pharmaceutical companies about how great it would be if we just let the WHO make public health decisions for us.

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Dear [Member of Congress],

I am opposed to ceding our national sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

As laudable as aspirations like “global health security” sound, they are merely buzzwords dreamt up by the marketing departments of multinational corporations as excuses to either strike down democratically enacted laws that hinder corporate power or to impose regimes from which they stand to profit.

I appreciate the good things that the World Health Organization has done, like recognizing the carcinogenicity of Monsanto (Bayer)’s glyphosate-based Roundup herbicides and advising people to avoid non-sugar sweeteners like aspartame (NutraSweet, which Monsanto sold to an investment firm in 2000) for weight control.

Why doesn’t the U.S. government ever follow the good things the WHO does? 

Instead, it lets billionaires like Bill Gates use the WHO to dictate pandemic-for-profit policies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they flexed their muscles, forcing lockdowns until taxpayers agreed to pay for their vaccines and submit to mandates.

This wasn’t a one-time thing. What they really want is a permanent pandemic security state where people are constantly tested and vaccinated for dozens of diseases. Based on their test or vaccination status, people could have their travel curtailed or be required to submit to quarantine or pharmaceuticals.

The amendments to the International Health Regulations agreed to on June 1, 2024, are a treaty, not “regulations,” but the Biden Administration negotiated them without seeking the advice and consent of the Senate, for which the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote.

On May 1, 49 U.S. Senators sent a letter to President Biden directing him to stop negotiating these treaties that can’t be ratified without their support:

On May 8, 22 U.S. State Attorneys General sent a letter to President Biden informing him that they will not allow WHO governance in their states:

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