Tell Congress! No More Money for War!

Every life is precious and sacred. Each person deserves democratic and human rights, as well as political, economic and religious freedoms.

The powerful may try to manipulate us into choosing “sides” in conflicts, but in our hearts we know we are one human family. We all share the same instinct to protect ourselves and our loved ones, just as we each prefer justice to revenge.

The people aren’t the problem. The political puppets of the military industrial complex are.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress, No More Money for War!

Congress plays up “humanitarian” motives when it writes checks to military contractors to send weapons overseas to countries like Ukraine and Israel, but make no mistake.

The Middle East continues to be a strategically important region. It’s not just the oil rich nations that matter to the billionaires. It’s the surrounding countries through which oil pipelines pass.

In Ukraine, it’s gas and land that’s fought over, and Monsanto led the invasion.

At the Organic Consumers Association, we just want people to be able to live their lives and enjoy what everyone wants: clean, healthy, nutrient-dense food from farmers and farm workers who earn a decent living and get paid fairly, while being good stewards of the land and caring for the welfare of the animals we eat.

Why isn’t organic food in every school cafeteria in the U.S.? It’s “too expensive” to nourish our children, because we spend all our money on war. Somehow, there’s enough cash to send Aerojet Rocketdyne’s uranium weapons to Ukraine and help Saudi Arabia make nuclear weapons for Israel, but never enough to feed kids decent food!

Congress takes food from the mouths of babes to pay for war, and when that money is spent it goes to destroying the capacity of other nations to feed themselves.

On June 5, 2024, the United Nations' World Food Program warned that while Palestinians in northern Gaza were already facing famine, if the war continues, deadly hunger will encompass all of Gaza by July and could claim as many as 19,800 lives per month.

Farms don't recover quickly from war.

Decontaminating land poisoned with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is a wicked problem, but farms sown with cluster bombs and land mines are beyond the power of agriculturalists to recover, no matter how regenerative their practices. It would take 1,100 years to remove all of the unexploded ordinances around the world today, even if no new ones were laid. Shamefully, the U.S. is not a party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions and has been sending them to Ukraine.

Anyone who cares about food and farming should take a stand for peace, and OCA always has through our Planting Peace campaign.

When Ronnie Cummins began writing the Truth About COVID-19 with Dr. Joseph Mercola, we learned about another reason to oppose war: The same genetic engineering techniques used to make Frankenfoods are also being used to create biological weapons.

As OCA political director Alexis Baden-Mayer discussed with journalist Sam Husseini on a broadcast on Children’s Health Defense’s CHDtv, Israel is not a party to the Biological Weapons Convention and is known to have experimented with bioweapons. Its version of Fort Detrick, the Israel Institute for Biological Research, receives funding from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Pentagon’s “defensive” biological weapons research funding agency. The U.S. also funds biological weapons research in Ukraine.

The use of biological weapons, cluster bombs and depleted uranium, are war crimes under the international treaties that ban them. These weapons have been outlawed because they disproportionately kill non-combatants.

The myth of “war” is that it’s fought by and against soldiers. The bloody truth is, war is and always has been fought against defenseless people.

If there were any such thing as a just war, the Pentagon doesn’t fight them.

Even the legitimacy of fighting Hitler was tarnished. The U.S. never punished the U.S. corporations that got rich doing business with the Nazis. Instead it put Nazi spies and scientists to work in the U.S. war machine. Monsanto was one of the many military contractors that gave Nazi war criminals good U.S. jobs through Operation Paperclip.

There’s no wrong that war can make it right.

War is wrong and we have to stop letting our tax dollars fund it!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress, No More Money for War!


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Dear [Member of State Legislature]

Please use your voice as my elected representative to demand and facilitate an immediate ceasefire.

Do not spend another dime of my tax dollars to send weapons abroad.

Mourn every human being killed, and fight with everything you have for the living.

There is no justification in international law for the killing of civilians, whether with weapons, or via sanctions, or by withholding water, food or medicine.

Targeting hospitals and using white phosphorus, as Israel has, and using depleted uranium weapons and cluster bombs, as Ukraine has, are war crimes.

I am ashamed that these crimes have been paid for with my tax dollars.

You and your fellow members of Congress are responsible for this.

You must stop it now.

[Your Name]

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