MINNESOTA: Tell Gov. Dayton to Veto the Wild Rice Pollution Bill and Protect Clean Water!

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canoe on a lake with wild rice

Wild rice and clean water are under attack at the state capitol!

Gov. Dayton has just three days to stop a dangerous bill that would eliminate the existing sulfate standard that protects wild rice waters.

URGENT: Call (651-201-3400 ) and email Gov. Dayton today! Tell him to veto HF 3280 and protect Minnesota’s clean water and wild rice.

Wild rice is just about as Minnesotan as hotdish. The state grain is also a critical resource for Native American tribes and an important indicator of water quality.

Now, this important Minnesota food resource is under attack at the state capitol.

The Minnesota Senate just passed HF 3280, a bill that would remove forty-year old protections for wild rice. The bill would eliminate the existing water quality standard that limits sulfate to 10 parts per million in wild rice waters.

Gov. Dayton received this wild rice pollution bill on Tuesday and he has just three days to decide whether or not to veto it.

The science on sulfate pollution is clear: sulfates harm wild rice, cause phosphorous release and algae blooms and increase the toxic mercury that gets into fish and people. Ironically the Minnesota legislature paid for this research and now they are ignoring it!

Not only does HF 3280 threaten wild rice and water quality, it also violates the federal Clean Water Act and undermines Native American treaty rights to hunt, fish and gather. Plus the bill will let sulfide mining companies off the hook for long-term treatment of their water pollution.

Read more about protecting wild rice from sulfide mining pollution from our allies at WaterLegacy here and here.


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