Restrict Risky mRNA Foods!

Risky mRNA technology is already being used to produce our food.

State legislators are playing catch-up, trying to get ahead of these new GMOs with bills to restrict or label mRNA foods.

Monsanto’s first-generation GMOs were never safety tested or labeled. One reason GMOs are dangerous is because they expose us to novel genetically-engineered proteins.

Monsanto never let its GMOs be studied, so we still don’t know exactly what they put in our food, but the steep increase in allergies and disease since their introduction in the 1990s is an indication the genetically engineered proteins they contained were toxic and/or allergenic.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Lawmakers to Restrict Risky mRNA Foods!

Old GMOs modify DNA. New GMOs modify RNA, but the impact on the eater is the same: they expose us to new proteins that could be toxic or allergenic. As this explainer in the Atlantic puts it:

People rely on proteins for just about every bodily function; mRNA—which stands for messenger ribonucleic acid—tells our cells which proteins to make. With human-edited mRNA, we could theoretically commandeer our cellular machinery to make just about any protein under the sun. You could mass-produce molecules that occur naturally in the body …. Or you could request our cells to cook up an off-menu protein….

In the case of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, mRNA vaccines send detailed instructions to our cells to make its distinctive “spike protein.”

What “off-menu” proteins are being produced inside the bodies of food animals receiving mRNA vaccines is anyone’s guess. Pork producers are already using an mRNA drug marketed under the brand-name Sequivity. Merck, the company that makes Sequivity, advertises it as a “platform” that can target any “existing” or “evolving” pig pathogen.

What will happen to people who eat this pork?

 Nobody knows. Pork produced with Sequivity hasn’t gone through pre-market safety-testing, it isn’t labeled and it isn’t monitored for adverse events.

In theory, the residues of drugs given to livestock don't show up in milk, meat or eggs because of mandatory withdrawal periods, but that might not work for mRNA vaccines where the antigen is manufactured by the cells indefinitely.

COVID shots put spike proteins in breast milk, so we should expect toxins from pig pathogens to show up in pork. 

What other changes are made to pork when pigs are injected with mRNA?

It is now well established that the mRNA COVID shots alter DNA and that this can have disastrous consequences.

Presumably, this was unintentional, but mRNA is a “gene therapy” technology. 

“Gene therapy” is the industry’s preferred euphemism for genetic editing, modification or engineering. Dr. Stefan Oelrich, President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, even admitted this in a speech at the World Health Summit, where he joked that the same people who never would have taken mRNA “gene therapy” were more than willing to roll up their sleeves for the mRNA vaccines.

Could mRNA injected into animals end up in our food?

Chinese scientists recently reported successfully administering an mRNA COVID vaccine via cows’ milk. They boasted that their technique could achieve “better patient compliance.” This is evidence that mRNA could be delivered via the food supply—and could be a means of skirting informed consent.

It’s a nightmare scenario, but for more than 30 years it’s been National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci’s dream. In 2001, he announced that researchers had developed mice that could secrete an experimental malaria vaccine into their milk.

The “edible vaccine” concept goes back to 1998, when Fauci announced the first human trial. 

Pharmaceutical companies have been “accidentally” spiking our corn flakes with swine vaccines and experimental AIDS drugs ever since.

One Fauci-funded company, Prodigene, didn’t take the necessary precautions in its experimental open-air trials of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops planted in at least 96 locations. As a result, Prodigene’s mutant pharma crops were caught contaminating over 500,000 bushels of soybeans in Nebraska and 150 acres of corn in Iowa. Regulators wouldn’t disclose what the Prodigene corn was contaminated with, but GE Food Alert uncovered Prodigene experiments with crops producing blood-clotting agents, digestive enzymes, adhesives, and vaccines to prevent diarrhea in pigs, as well as AIDS and hepatitis B. 

Fauci’s reign over NIAID finally came to an end. It’s time that the genetic contamination of our food supply did, too. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell your state legislators to restrict or at least label mRNA foods.

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Dear State Lawmaker,

I support bills recently considered across the country to label food produced with mRNA livestock vaccines, including Arizona House Bill 2762, Missouril House Bill 1169, Texas Senate Bill 2632, and Tennessee House Bills 99 and 842/Senate Bill 369. 

Since 2018, the pork industry has been using Merck's mRNA vaccine Sequivity. It was developed in a partnership with Moderna that began in 2015.

Pork produced with Sequivity didn’t go through pre-market safety-testing, it isn’t labeled and it isn’t monitored for adverse events.

It’s anyone’s guess what Sequivity could put in pork. It’s advertised as a “platform” that can target any “existing” or “evolving” pig pathogen.

Similar mRNA vaccines are ready for bird flu.

In theory, the residues of vaccines given to livestock don't show up in milk, meat or eggs because of mandatory withdrawal periods, but that might not work for mRNA vaccines where the antigen is manufactured by the cells indefinitely.    

Please do what you can to get these new GMOs out of the food supply. 

Introduce or support bills to safety-test, label and monitor the use of mRNA technologies in the food supply. Or, go all the way with a bill like Idaho House Bill 154 that would ban the use of the technology in our state altogether.

Thank you.


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